Our wine passion is our legacy, the same way as in other places they have their customs and traditions consolidated through time, and, of course, as an our elders’ inheritance.

Castrillo de Duero is a village from Valladolid, where Juan Martin Diaz,alias “El Empecinado”, was born. It has always smelled like wine. The underground wineries placed in the Malacuera’s hill, where we get our winery’s name, have all been quiet places.

Silence has always been witness of the wine processes and of comings and goings of the bunch of friends from the village, always surrounded by the neighbours from the wineries around. They enjoyed and enhanced their wines, and shared them all together.

You could always see Gerardo del Pico there, standing still, leader of “the little devil crew”. We all have learned from him, so we are adventurers in this new company for him. We inherit his love for wine, all the knowledge about the wine making process, and the most important thing, the true meaning of friendship.

We should even use capital letters to write the word FRIENDSHIP because of him in his honour. When he passed away we wanted to do this for him, for his legacy, and we decided to found Bodegas Malacuera is in his memory.